Raptic Terrain for iPhone 13/13 Pro & 13 Pro Max

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Raptic Terrain was created with a simple goal in mind – Protect your Device & Protect the Planet. Fully biodegradable, packaging and all, prevents landfills from overflowing with harmful plastic waste. Made in the USA has an environmental bonus in minimizing carbon footprint by using less fossil fuel in production than standard iPhone cases. US based production also shortens the supply chain and carbon impact of transportation.

The materials in Terrain were tested to ASTM standard D5511 and biodegraded 22.5% after 365 days in lab testing simulating a common landfill environment. Normal hard plastics can take hundreds or thousands of years, if ever, to biodegrade.

- Tested to Survive 10’ (3m) Drops On Concrete

- 100% Biodegradable Product & Packaging

- Designed & Made in America

- Significantly Reduced Carbon Footprint by Manufacturing in the USA