Raptic ShieldPro for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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- Raptic Shield, formerly Defence Shield, is certified to exceed Military Grade Drop Test standards, MIL-STD-810G, for drops up to 3m (10 feet) for your device.

- Raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches. It will take the impact, preventing your phone screen from cracking and breaking. Case does not come with front cover or screen protector.

- Integrated front facing audio channel amplifies sound and redirects audio to the front of your device for a better surround sound experience.

- Soft bubble pattern rubber interior lining combined with a hard polycarbonate shell for protection, absorbs and deflects shock when your device experiences impact. Simple one-piece construction means no tools or screws required.

- Also includes Antimicrobial Protection infused in the Silicon and Polycarbonate materials of the Raptic Shield. 99.9% of microbes eliminated after 24h as well as H1H1 (2009 flu)
Because the protection is infused, as opposed to coating, you can rest assured that the antimicrobial solution does not wear off.