HDMI Replacement For PlayStation and Xbox

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No Image or No Signal 

Your HDMI Port may well have had it! 

HDMI ports are the most common reason why you will be facing a no signal issue on your game console however its always a good idea to check the HDMI lead first just in case. 

If you look at your HDMI port and it does not look damaged or if you can only access an image in low-resolution mode it may be your consoles encoder or retimer IC if this is the case we will advise you first before carrying out the work 

if you are purchasing this as part of our postal repair service please include

At Game Shack Gravesend our Technicians will carry this repair out onsite and will not need to send your console off, infact we are the place that many other shops send their console work too! 

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In the box with your phone so we can get you back up and running asap :) Turn around time for this repair

4 hours for a walk-in repair

1-2 working day(s) for postal repair