Posted by Game Shack Gravesend on 31st Mar 2022

How do I fix Joy-con drift tip and tricks Game Shack

How do I fix Joy-con drift?

Joystick drift is a common problem for most switch owners, and it is unfortunate that Nintendo seems to be not only ignoring the problem but also outright denying its existence. Luckily for you however there are many things you can try to fix the issue:

Recalibrate the joystick in the Switch software:

Recalibrating the joystick can be done by opening the settings on the Nintendo switch, scrolling down until you see the “Controllers and Sensors”. In that menu you should see “Calibrate Control Sticks”, opening that it will ask you to hold the joystick you wish to calibrate to the right. It will then show you how the switch is reading the input from the joystick, press X to start calibrating. Then follow the on-screen instructions by moving the joystick in the direction it specifies. Once completed test the joystick to see if it still has drifting issues.

Clean the joystick:

It may sound simple, but dust and dirt can get into the workings of the joystick and cause the stick to register inputs even when not moved. You should get a q-tip and dab the end with isopropyl alcohol, then move the joystick out of the way as you clean under and around it. After cleaning reconnect the Joy-con to your Switch and test the joystick.

Replace the joystick:

Unfortunately, a lot of times the joystick itself is broken and no cleaning or calibrating is going to be able to fix it. In this case the Joystick will have to be replaced with a new one, there are many online tutorials and replacement kits available to buy, however the insides of Joy-con contain many fragile components that must be removed before accessing the joystick.

Due to the fiddly nature of the repair process is best to take it to a professional we can do this at game shack Contact us today to get your joy con back up and running again!